When can we book KidGrid™ sittings?

It's great to get babies and kids at their best. That's usually in the morning, after a nap, or post lunch. We have both weekday and weekend availability.

What's the best age to do this?

Well we hope you love your KidGrid™ so much you will come back to do one each year. The best minimum age is when they can sit up. There's no maximum age. We can make one of your grandfather, if that's your wish. 

What if my child isn't behaving?

Well the beauty of the KidGrid™ is the more range your offspring exhibits the more varied the sequences in your grid will be. We won't torment a child, but if there are tears along with the laughs, it won't be in vain.

What should we bring?

The million dollar question – the answer, bring as much as you like. Props and accessories are fun to have, for both amusement purposes and potential cameo appearances. We have some on hand, but it's always great when the item has some meaning to you.

What should my child wear?

Your child is the star here. If they can pull off an awesome baby Gautier, alright then. Ultimately the wardrobe should reflect your style, and honestly, even your decor because it's going on your wall. Modern, classic, sweet, eclectic, gothic - you can't go wrong.